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CCNA Wireless Chapter 18 and 19 Exam Answers

What is a WCS
Wireless control system

What is a WCS used for
To configure and monitor one or more controllers and their associated access points

The WCS has the same (5 things) as a WLC
1) Config
2) Perf. monitoring
3) Security
4) Fault management
5) Acc. options

WCS can provide a __________ view of multiple controllers and managed access points

What protocol does WCS manage devices with?

What operating systems can WCS run on?
Windows and Linux

What are the 3 versions of WCS?
1) Cisco WCS base
2) Cisco WCS location
3) Cisco WCS plus

What are some functions the Cisco WCS base fulfills?
Rogue AP detection
Ad-hoc detection
Containment functions for rogue devices
Map-based organization of AP RF coverage areas

The Cisco WCS location appliance performs computation based on _______ information from _______ WLC’s
RSSI info, from WLC’s

The WCS location compares what two things to map out a topology?
1) Real-time client RSSI
2) RF building characteristics

WCS + location appliance can display historical location data for up to ____________ clients

The only actual difference between the WCS location and the WCS plus is…
High availability

What Windows OS is compatible with WCS?
Server 2003 SP2 32bit

What Linux server OS is compatible with WCS?
RHEL server 5.x 32bit

Are any 64 bit Linux or Windows OS’s compatible with WCS?

The network summary page:
Shows the number of controllers, number of AP’s which controllers handle, total clients on those AP’s, out of service radios etc.

The controller summary page:
Shows specific information on a certain controller

The client page:
Shows information on clients connected to AP’s

The maps page:
Displays a topology of the network with colour codes for RSSI

RF fingerprinting is…
The calculation of the location of tracked devices

How does RF fingerprinting work?
Resolves location coordinates by determining how RF signals are received at every grid point within a building

What predicts the RF signals?

The location appliance is Linux and Java based/

The interface for the location appliance is defined in SOAP/XML

What is SOAP?
Simple object access protocol

SNMP operates between location appliances and the network

The 4 main applications for the location appliance are:
1) The location appliance can track 1500 mobile devices for 30 days
2) Work-flow automation and people tracking
3) WLAN security and NW control
4) RF capacity management/visibility

What two things are important to know when upgrading a WLC?
1) Software version
2) Hardware platform

Where would you find the software version in the GUI?

Where would you find the software version in the CLI?
show sysinfo

To find hardware platform on the GUI:

To find hardware platform on CLI:
show inventory

What are 3 ways to upgrade a WLC?
1) web interface
2) CLI
3) WCS

What protocols are required when accessing the web interface?
https, http, IP

What two files do all upgrade methods require?
1) Image archive
2) Boot loader

What series of WLC does not need both file types?
The 2100 series WLC

What does the image archive contain?
1) RTO – real time OS
2) Shell scripts/java apps to run GUI/CLI
3) AP firmware code

What is the naming format for the image archive?

What does the boot loader contain?
boot strap coding

What is the naming format for the boot loader?

On versions 4.1 or earlier, what was not required because it was included in the image archive?
The boot loader

Can the 2100 series WLC have its bootloader updated?

Both the 2 files for upgrading are encrypted and compressed with

A ________ server is used to put the software onto the controller

The TFTP server must be able to handle files larger than _____

To upgrade with the web interface what is the chain of clicks
commands > download file to controller window

The 5 parameters to enter when upgrading the software are:
1) TFTP server IP
2) File path
3) Maximum retries
4) Timeout
5) File name

What chain of commands is required to upgrade via the controller?
1) transfer download datatype code
2) transfer download mode tftp
3) transfer download serverip
4) transfer download path
5) transfer download filename
6) transfer download start
7) reset system

When the WLC is upgraded, the software on _____________ ______ is also upgraded
associated AP’s

How many AP’s can be upgraded at a time from the controller?

Configuration files from upgrade are stored in _________ and are executed when the controller ________
NVRAM, reboots

Configuration files on a WLC are in ____ format

XML files have a ______________________ attached to them
file integrity check

What happens if the integrity of the XML config file has been compromised?
it is not loaded

What performs this integrity or CRC check?
The controller

What happens to config files being uploaded to TFTP servers on software versions 5.2 and higher?
They are converted from XML files to plaintext

The two steps to uploading config files are:
1) Set upload parameters
2) Initiate the upload

What is the CLI process for this
1) Transfer upload mode tftp
2) Transfer upload datatype config
3) Transfer upload serverip
4) Transfer upload filename

Encrypting config files prior to transmission:
1) Transfer encrypt enable
2) Transfer encrypt set-key
3) Transfer upload

Are incremental config downloads supported?

To download config files what chain of commands is used?
1) Transfer download mode {tftp | ftp}
2) Transfer download datatype config
3) Transfer download serverip
4) Transfer download path
5) Transfer download filename

If encryption was enabled during upload what chain of commands is necessary?
1) Transfer encrypt enable
2) Transfer encrypt secret key
3) Transfer download start
4) Reset system