CCNA Wireless Chapter 15 and 16 Exam Answers

The Cisco mobility express solution can be… (2 things)
1) Standalone
2) Controller based

The Cisco mobility express solution is part of the…
SBCS: Cisco smart business communication system

The SBCS contains what 4 things
1) Cisco UC (unified communications) 500 series
2) Cisco unified IP phones
3) Cisco monitor director
4) Cisco mobility solution

How many clients can the Cisco UC 500 support?

The Cisco mobility solution consists of what 2 things
1) 526 Wi. Express controller
2) 521 Wi. Express AP

What are the 526 and 521 managed by
The Cisco config assistant

How many controllers and how many AP’s can be used in the cisco mobility solution?
2 controllers, 6 AP’s each = 12

The 521 AP has ________ antennas

Can the 521 AP associate with any other controllers?

Does the cisco mobility express solution support enterprise level LWAPP?
No, it is a reduced feature version

When doing the CLI setup, the normal selection for the 526 is…
Run primary image

Connection to the controller GUI is made via what protocol

When using the CCA, you must create a…
Community (group name for network)

What version of CCA is required to migrate standalone 521 AP’s to LW AP’s?
1.5 or later

The CCA discovers WLC’s via what two things
1) IP discovery
2) CDP

What is the Windows WiLAN config tool called?
WZC: Windows wireless zero configuration utility

What happens if profiles have already been configured on the WZC?
It tries to connect to those networks automatically

WZC clients use _________ scanning

Upon boot, WZC reports any networks being ________

What is active null scanning?
Probe requests that are sent with blank SSID fields

What happens if the WZC cannot establish any connections to infrastructure networks?
It tries ad-hoc networks

What happens if no ad-hoc networks are available for the WZC client to connect to?
It becomes an ad-hoc node and sends out beacons

WLAN profile on a MAC are handled by

What is the chain of clicks to configure a profile on AIRPORT
Open apple > System prefs > NW > Airport

In Linux that command line tool for joining WiLAN’s is called

The graphical version of Linux’s WiLAN config utility is called

What is CAM?
Constant awake mode, prevents NIC’s from going into any kind of power saving mode

What is the ADU?
The aironet desktop utility, used for configuration of WiLAN profiles

What is the ACAU?
Aironet client admin. utlity – for pushing out ADU to multiple clients

What is the SSU?
Cisco site survey tool, a minimal site survey program

What is the ASTU?
Aironet system tray utility

What 3 advantages does ADU have over WZC?
1) Channel determination
2) Auth. / sec. config determination
3) RSSI/SNR determination

3 main profiles in ADU are
1) Unsecure
2) 802.1x

How long are 802.1x WEP keys?
40-104 bits

Imported ADU profile have what extension?

The 4 connection quality colours in the SSU are..
Green, yellow, orange, red

What is connection quality quantified by by default?

What is the SSC?
Cisco secure services client, provides L2 802.1x user/device authentication

How are SSCAU profiles saved?
As XML files