CCNA Wireless Chapter 10 and 11 Exam Answers

The CUWN has 5 elements, which are…
1) Client devices
2) Mobility platform
3) Network unification
4) Network management
5) Unified advanced services

Cisco compatible extensions devices have:
1) Wireless mobility
2) QoS
3) NW management
4) Enhanced security

NW unification is…
A migration path into routing/switching platforms via WLC’s

The WLAN management interface for Cisco is called ..
WCS: Wireless control system

The control plane is…
AES-CCM encrypted

The data plane is..
Not encrypted

In a LWAPP header, a data message is C code _ and a control message is C code _
0, 1

Layer 3 LWAPP data traffic uses ports…
UDP src:1024 dst:12222

Layer 3 LWAPP control traffic uses ports…
UDP src:1024 dst:12223

4 stages of AP association to a WLC:
1) Discovery phase
2) Join phase
3) Authorization phase
4) Configuration phase

What LWAPP mode is attempted first?

Cisco prefers L3 discovery process over L2

The management IP of a WLC is handed out via…
Option 43 in a DHCP handout

For an AP to authenticate to a WLC, a _______________ is needed
x.509 certificate

What 2 types of x.509 certificates are there?
1) MIC: manufacturer installed cert
2) SSC: self-signed cert

If authentication is successsful, a _____________ is sent from the WLC to the LAP
Join response