It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 10 Exam 2018



1. What are two ways that iOS differs from Android? (Choose two.)

iOS uses an All Apps button whereas Android uses a Home button.

iOS has a physical Home button, but Android uses navigation icons.*

In iOS, the icon for an app represents the app itself. Deleting the icon in iOS deletes the app. In Android, the icon on the Home screen is a shortcut to the app.*

In iOS, apps can only appear on screens, whereas in Android, apps can appear on screens and in folders.

In iOS, folders are created by dragging one app on top of another app, but in Android folders must be created from the home screen menu.


2. What is a good source for safely downloading Android apps?


Google Play*

freeware sites

the Apple App Store


3. Refer to the exhibit. What two statements are true about the operating system screen shown? (Choose two.)

The area that is highlighted contains navigation icons.*

The area that is highlighted displays background processes and indicators.

The area that is highlighted contains the system icons.

This is an Android screen.*

This is an iOS screen.

This is a Windows Phone screen.


4. A small number has appeared on one of the apps on a user’s iOS home screen. What does this mean?

It is an alert badge that indicates the number of items requiring attention for that app.*

It indicates the number of instances of the app that are running on the device.

It indicates how frequently the app has been used within a period of time.

It indicates the number of items in the app folder.


5. What represents apps in the Windows Phone interface?






6. What is the name of the Windows Phone 8.1 digital, or virtual, assistant?



Nova Launcher



7. What is Wi-Fi calling?

a method used to push apps to smartphones

a convenient way to securely and digitally make payments with mobile devices

a government emergency alert service for smartphones

a way to make mobile phone calls over a wireless data network*

a method for sharing data between two mobile devices


8. What is a benefit of the WEA system?

It can save lives by sending emergency text messages to mobile phones.*

It can simplify commerce by allowing payments to be made from a mobile phone.

It is a method of securing a mobile device that has been lost or stolen.

It allows a user to search for resources that are located near the current location.


9. What are two purposes of the passcode lock feature on mobile devices? (Choose two.)

to help prevent theft of private information*

to prevent unauthorized use of the device*

to erase all personal data from the device

to return the device to the default factory state

to restore and re-synchronize the device

to remotely lock the device if it is stolen


10. Which two conditions must be met for mobile device security measures such as remote lock and remote wipe to function? (Choose two.)

The device must be powered on.*

The device must be connected to a network.*

The passcode must be disabled.

The GPS locator must be enabled.

Sandboxing must be enabled.


11. Which two location data sources can locator apps use to determine the position of a mobile device? (Choose two.)

cellular towers*

WiFi hotspots*

the sandbox

remote lock

an app source


12. What are two potential user benefits of rooting or jailbreaking a mobile device? (Choose two.)

The user interface can be extensively customized.*

The operating system can be fine-tuned to improve the speed of the device.*

The root directory of the device is blocked.

The operation of the carrier cellular network may be affected.

A custom OS may reduce sandboxing features.


13. Which statement is true about wireless connectivity on an Android mobile device?

If the network SSID is not being broadcast, the device will not be able to connect to the network.

When the device roams out of the range of any Wi-Fi networks, it can connect to the cellular data network if this feature is enabled.*

If a Wi-Fi network is secured with a password, the network must be manually configured on the device.

The Android OS does not support wireless connectivity that uses WPA2 security.


14. In the context of mobile devices, what does the term tethering involve?

connecting a mobile device to another mobile device or computer to share a network connection*

connecting a mobile device to a hands-free headset

connecting a mobile device to a 4G cellular network

connecting a mobile device to a USB port on a computer in order to charge the mobile device


15. Which statement is true about industry standards for cellular networks?

Cell phones that use a single standard can often only be used in specific geographic areas.*

Cellular standards have made it more difficult and expensive to make calls to people that are on a different network.

First generation cellular standards are mostly digital standards.

Third generation cellular standards require a maximum of 1 Gb/s for devices moving slowly, such as when a user has a mobile device and is walking.


16. What will allow someone to use a cell phone for entertainment without connecting to any networks?

a hotspot


Airplane Mode*




17. What technology enables a cell phone to be used as a hands-free device?






18. A technician is configuring email on a mobile device. The user wants to be able to keep the original email on the server, organize it into folders, and synchronize the folders between the mobile device and the server. Which email protocol should the technician use?






19. What is the code name used for the OS X 10.10 operating system?







20. What is a purpose of the boot manager program?

It manages antivirus signature files, encryption keys, and certificates when a device boots.

It automates the POST and checks the disk for bad sectors during a boot.

It checks the validity of hardware and software on the device after a factory reset.

It allows the user to select the OS to use to boot the device.*

It allows the user to determine which apps are automatically opened during the boot process.


21. What is the purpose of signature files used to secure mobile devices and operating systems?

They contain a record of historical and pending firmware and software updates.

They contain a list of all user passwords.

They contain a log of digital certificates and encryption keys associated with the user.

They contain sample code from known viruses and malware that is used by security software to identify malicious software.*


22. A file called new_resume has the following file permissions: rw-r-x–x What two facts can be determined from these permissions? (Choose two.)

The user has full access to the file.

Members of the group have read and execute access to the file.*

Other people have read and execute access to the file.

Group members are able to modify the file.

The user is able to read and modify the file.*

Other people have no access to the file.


23. What is the result of doing a factory reset on a mobile device?

The operating system will be updated with the most recent updates and patches.

All user data and settings will be deleted.*

The operating system will be deleted and all user data is transferred to the Cloud.

A complete backup of the device is done and all viruses and malware are removed.


24. What tool can be used on a mobile device to display available cellular networks, location of networks, and signal strength?

Wi-Fi analyzer

loopback adapter

cell tower analyzer*

toner generator and probe


25. An administrator is re-imaging a large number of Mac OS X machines. What built-in tool or command can be used to remotely boot the computers?



Time Machine



26. What tool or command is used in the Mac OS X to navigate the file system?

File Explorer

Task Manager




27. What command is used to open a text editor in Unix-like systems?






28. Fill in the blank.
Both Linux and OS X devices have a service called “cron” that runs in the background and is responsible for executing scheduled tasks.

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1. Which two statements are true of a laptop CPU when compared to a desktop CPU? (Choose two.)

Laptop CPUs operate at higher clock speeds.

Laptop CPUs use smaller cooling devices.*

Laptop CPUs consume more power.

Laptop CPUs are interchangeable with desktop CPUs.

Laptop CPUs are designed to produce less heat.*


2. Which laptop component makes use of throttling to reduce power consumption and heat?



optical drive

hard drive


3. Why are SODIMMs well suited for laptops?

They have a small form factor.*

They connect to external ports.

They do not produce heat.

They are interchangeable with desktops.


4. What is a characteristic of laptop motherboards?

Laptop motherboards use the same form factors as desktop motherboards.

Laptop motherboards are proprietary.*

Laptop motherboards use standard form factors.

Laptop motherboard components are compatible with desktop motherboards.


5. Which laptop component converts DC power to AC power?

fluorescent tube


power supply



6. Where is a Wi-Fi antenna commonly located on a laptop?

on an external USB adapter

above the laptop screen*

next to the keyboard

on the side of the laptop


7. Which two methods can be used to configure laptop ACPI power options? (Choose two.)

BIOS settings*

Windows Power Options utility*

Windows UAC settings

Windows AERO theme settings

power dial


8. A user needs to connect a Bluetooth device to a laptop. Which type of cable is needed to accomplish this?

None. Bluetooth connections are wireless.*

VGA cable

USB cable

EIA/TIA 232 cable

parallel cable


9. A technician has installed a wireless Ethernet card in a Windows 7 laptop. Where would the technician configure a new wireless connection?

Control Panel > Networking and Sharing Center > Set up a new connection or network*

Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Control Panel > Internet Options

Control Panel > System > Device Manager


10. Which technology provides laptops the ability to function on a cellular network?

mobile hotspot*



802.11 Wi-Fi


11. A technician is trying to remove a SODIMM module from a laptop. What is the correct way to do this?

Press outward on the clips that hold the sides of the SODIMM.*

Pull outward by holding the center of the SODIMM module.

Apply downward force on the SODIMM module.

Desolder the SODIMM module.


12. When replacing or adding memory to a laptop, where can a technician find the maximum amount of RAM each memory slot can support?


System Properties window

POST screen

website of manufacturer*


13. What should be done immediately after a CPU is latched in and screwed down to a laptop motherboard?

The heat sink should be attached to the CPU.

The cooling fan should be fastened to the motherboard.

The power cable should be attached from the cooling fan to the motherboard.

The locked down CPU should be protected with thermal paste.*


14. Which technology allows a mobile device to establish wireless communication with another mobile device by touching them together?




Lightning connector


15. Which technology will allow a mobile device to share an Internet connection with other devices via tethering?



near field communication



16. What are two differences between an e-reader and a tablet device? (Choose two.)

An e-reader only supports Wi-Fi connectivity but a tablet can support both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

An e-reader commonly has longer battery life than a tablet device.*

A tablet device is usually lighter in weight than an e-reader.

A tablet device screen may be harder to read in direct sunlight than an e-reader screen.*

A tablet uses an electronic paper technology that provides better performance than an e-reader.


17. What type of device is commonly used to measure and collect daily activity data for achieving personal goals?


smart camera

fitness monitor*

Global Positioning System


18. A technician has been asked to decide which laptop components should be cleaned on a monthly basis as part of a maintenance routine. What are two examples of components that should be included? (Choose two.)

exterior case*



optical drive



19. To clean laptops, which two products are recommended? (Choose two.)

cotton swabs*

mild cleaning solution*


rubbing alcohol

car wax


20. What two steps must be taken before performing a cleaning procedure on a laptop computer? (Choose two.)

Disconnect the laptop from the electrical outlet.*

Remove all installed batteries.*

Wipe the surface of the touch pad.

Clean the screen with a cloth.

Insert the cleaning disk into the optical drive.

Backup the registry.


21. What is the first step in the process of troubleshooting a laptop?

Identify the problem.*

Establish probable causes.

Determine the exact cause.

Verify full functionality.


22. What is the next step in the troubleshooting process after a solution has been implemented on a laptop?

Verify the solution.*

Document the solution.

Ask the customer to explain the problem.

Return the device to the customer.


23. While troubleshooting a mobile device, a technician determines that the battery is not holding a charge. What is the next step in the troubleshooting process?

Implement a solution.

Document the findings.

Determine the exact cause.*

Verify the solution and full system functionality.



24. A technician notices that a laptop display appears stretched and pixelated. What is a probable cause of this?

The display properties are incorrectly set.*

The power management features are incorrectly set.

The power inverter is failing.

The screen has been burned in.

One of the RAM modules is failing.


25. A user with a company-issued smartphone notices that there is a gap at the end of the device. A technician examines the smartphone and discovers that the battery is swollen. What should the technician do next?

Use the smartphone until the battery is completely discharged.

Clean the battery leads with baking soda.

Replace the battery.*

Use a multimeter to see if the output voltage is within range.

It-essentials v6.0 Checkpoint Ch1-Ch8 Exam 2018



1. What three voltages are commonly provided by the power supply to the various components inside the computer? (Choose three.)

3.3 volts*

5 volts*

9 volts

12 volts*

24 volts

48 volts


2. Hard drives in a grocery warehouse keep failing because of the adverse warehouse environment. What would be a possible solution for this high failure rate?

Install an SSD drive in each computer.*

Install a more powerful power supply in each computer.

Install an antistatic mat under each computer.

Install each computer in a specialized high airflow case.


3. A server administrator needs to set up a new server with disk fault tolerance technology. The administrator decides to deploy RAID 0+1 technology. What is the minimum number of disks needed to deploy the disk array setting?







4. Which type of interface should a customer choose if connecting a single cable from a Microsoft Windows computer to output both audio and video to a high definition television?






5. Refer to the exhibit. To what input device would the cables attach?

keyboard/mouse combo device

KVM switch*

video distribution center

sound system


6. A desktop user has requested the ability to easily transfer photos from a camera SD card to a computer. Which device can be installed on the desktop computer to fulfill this request?

capture card

storage controller

media reader*

graphics card


7. Which is the correct procedure to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher after the pin is pulled?

Aim just above the flame, squeeze the lever, and sweep from side to side.

Aim at the base of the flame, squeeze the lever, and sweep from side to side.*

Aim directly at the center of the flame, squeeze the lever, and sweep from side to side.

Aim at the base of the flame, squeeze the lever, and sweep from the base to the top of the flame.

Aim just above the flame, squeeze the lever, and sweep from the top to the base of the flame.


8. Which measure can help control RFI effects on wireless networks?

Ensure the humidity and temperature levels are set as low as possible.

Ensure the number of wireless NICs exceeds the number of wireless phones.

Ensure the wireless network is on a different frequency than the offending source.*

Ensure each wireless NIC is configured to operate at different frequencies from all other wireless NICs.


9. What can be tested with a digital multimeter?

wireless signal strength and access point positioning

basic functionality of computer ports

copper cable location

quality of electricity in computer components*


10. Which disk management tool scans the critical files of an operating system and replaces the corrupt files?



Disk Cleanup

Optimize Drives

System File Checker*


11. Which action can reduce the risk of ESD damage when computer equipment is being worked on?

working on a grounded antistatic mat*

lowering the humidity level in the work area

moving cordless phones away from the work area

keeping the computer plugged into a surge protector


12. When a used CPU is being installed, what two items should be used to clean the top of the CPU and the base of the heat sink before applying thermal compound? (Choose two.)

tap water

denatured water

isopropyl alcohol*

cotton swab

lint-free cloth*


13. A technician is troubleshooting a problem where many websites return a “certificate not valid” error. The technician notices that the date and time are not current and resets these to the correct settings. The previously inaccessible websites are now accessible. However, when the computer is restarted the same problem reoccurs. What can the technician do to prevent the date and time from resetting?

Reinstall the OS.

Upgrade the BIOS.

Change the power settings in the BIOS.

Replace the CMOS battery.*


14. Which two hardware features would a technician monitor within the BIOS if a computer was suspected of overheating? (Choose two.)

CPU clock speed*

CPU fan speed*

motherboard voltage

hard drive speed

Trusted Platform Module


15. What component can be replaced and upgraded on a PC to increase the data processing speed?



hard drive



16. What are two effects of not having a preventive maintenance plan for users and organizations? (Choose two.)

increased repair costs*

increased number of regular updates

increased downtime*

increased management tasks

increased documentation needs


17. Which three actions should be part of a regular computer preventive maintenance plan? (Choose three.)

removing dust from fan intakes, the power supply, and peripherals*

installing appropriate security updates*

removing unused or unwanted programs*

changing browser settings

deleting old email

installing more RAM in the machine


18. If a technician is unable to create a backup of data on a customer computer, what three pieces of information should the technician include on the liability release form signed by the customer before beginning work? (Choose three.)

a description of the problem

the steps required to resolve the problem

permission to work on the computer without a current backup available*

a release from liability if data is lost or corrupted*

the components used in the repair

a description of the work to be performed*


19. What is the first step in the troubleshooting process?

Implement a quick procedure to solve the problem.

Ask the user direct questions about the issue.*

Create a plan of action to propose to the user.

Establish a theory for the cause of the problem.


20. After performing a preventive maintenance on a PC, the technician powers on the PC only to find that nothing happens. What is the most likely problem?

The computer is not plugged into the AC outlet.*

The power supply voltage switch is set to the incorrect voltage.

The technician forgot to reset the BIOS settings.

The CPU has not been reinserted properly.


21. Which statement describes a characteristic of a network operating system?

A network operating system shares files and folders on a small network with limited security.

It runs multiuser applications.*

It typically is used in SOHO environments.

It supports a limited number of users.


22. What technology was created to replace the BIOS program on modern personal computer motherboards?






23. On which two occasions is it most likely that a technician will have to perform a clean operating system installation if a backup has not been performed? (Choose two.)

A user requires access to a new printer.

The existing operating system is corrupted.*

The existing security software requires upgrading.

The computer is being moved to a different network.

A new replacement hard drive is installed in a computer.*


24. Which key or key sequence pressed during the boot process will allow a user to start a Windows PC using the last known good configuration?





Windows key


25. In which folder are application files for 32-bit programs typically located on a computer that is running a 64-bit edition of Windows 7?


C:\Program Files

C:\Application Data

C:\Program Files (x86)*


26. A technician notices that an application is not responding to commands and that the computer seems to respond slowly when applications are opened. What is the best administrative tool to force the release of system resources from the unresponsive application?

Task Manager*

Add or Remove Programs

Event Viewer

System Restore


27. What does virtual memory provide to an operating system?

an increase in data storage

an increase in the speed of accessing RAM

a temporary storage of data until enough RAM is available to process it*

the creation of virtual partitions on the hard drive


28. A PC technician is having trouble with a Windows-based system and wants to perform a system restore from the command prompt. What command would start this process?







29. A technician is attempting to create virtual machines on a PC but wants to ensure that the physical system resources used by the virtual machines are directly managed by them and not by the host operating system. How can the technician accomplish this?

Set up the virtual machines using a native hypervisor.*

Set up the virtual machines using a hosted hypervisor.

Set up the virtual machines as Windows Virtual PCs

Limit the amount of paged RAM.

Disable hyperthreading in the BIOS.


30. A company has a preventive maintenance policy that requires every computer have a new restore point created every six months. For computers using the Windows 7 operating system, how can a technician create the restore point?

From the CLI enter the command restore /cn.

Choose Start > Control Panel > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > Create a restore point.

Choose Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore > Next.*

Right-click My Computer and then choose Properties > Restore > Create Restore Point.


31. A user notices that some of the programs that are installed before upgrading to Windows 7 no longer function properly. What can the user do to fix this problem?

Change the file system to FAT16.

Update the driver for the graphics card.

Reinstall the programs in Compatibility Mode.*

Lower the UAC setting in the Change User Account Control settings dialog box of the User Accounts control.


32. A network administrator has finished migrating from a peer-to-peer network to a new client-server network configuration. What are two advantages of the new configuration? (Choose two.)

The total cost of the new solution is considerably lower.

Data is more secure in the event of hardware failures.*

Individual users are in control of their own computers and network resources.

Data resources and access are centrally controlled.*

Personnel costs are lower because a dedicated network administrator is no longer necessary.


33. At which TCP/IP model layer would a MAC address be found?




network access*


34. A technician needs to add a new wireless device to a small WLAN. The WLAN is a mixture of old and newer 802.11b and 802.11g devices. What choice for the new device would provide the most interoperability for present and future growth?

Add a new 802.11a device.

Add a new 802.11b device.

Add a new 802.11g device.

Add a new 802.11n device.*


35. A customer who wants to enhance home network security is shopping for devices. The sales representative recommends a device that has a hardware firewall. Which device can provide this service?



integrated router*

wireless access point


36. Copper network cables consist of pairs of wires that are twisted together. Which type of signal interference is reduced or prevented by this?




white noise


37. A computer is assigned an IP address of What can be said about the computer, based on the assigned address?

It cannot communicate outside its own network.*

It can communicate on the local network as well as on the Internet.

It can communicate with networks inside a particular company with subnets.

It has a public IP address that has been translated to a private IP address.


38. A user is configuring a wireless access point and wants to prevent any neighbors from discovering the network. What action does the user need to take?

Disable SSID broadcast.*

Enable WPA encryption.

Configure DMZ settings.

Configure a DNS server.


39. A home user was successfully browsing the Internet earlier in the day but is now unable to connect. A ping command from a wireless laptop to a wired PC in the LAN is successful, but the nslookup command fails to resolve a website address. The user decides to analyze the LEDs on the Linksys router to verify connectivity. Which LED should be of main concern in this situation?


power LED

Internet LED*

1-4 Ethernet LEDs


40. Why would an administrator use Windows Remote Desktop and Windows Remote Assistant?

to provide secure remote access to resources on another network

to connect to an enterprise network across an unsecured connection and act as a local client of that network

to enable sharing of files and presentations with a group of users over the Internet

to connect to a remote computer over the network to control its applications and data*


41. A corporation has expanded to include multiple remote offices around the globe. Which technology should be used to allow the remote offices to communicate and share network resources privately?


Remote Desktop

administrative share

Remote Assistance


42. What physical layer medium is used by DSL to provide high-speed data communications?

telephone lines*

television cable

Satellite dish

4G wireless radio


43. The current IP configuration of a small company is done manually and is time-consuming. Because of increased network growth, a technician needs a simpler way for IP configuration of workstations. Which service would simplify the workstation IP configuration task?






44. What is the function of the DNS server?

It assigns IP addresses to clients.

It accepts HTTP requests from clients.

It maps a hostname to a corresponding IP address.*

It manages the domain that clients are assigned to.


45. A computer can access devices on the same network but cannot access devices on other networks. What is the probable cause of this problem?

The cable is not connected properly to the NIC.

The computer has an invalid IP address.

The computer has an incorrect subnet mask.

The computer has an invalid default gateway address.*

It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 8 Exam 2018 100%

1. A user notices that the data transfer rate for the gigabit NIC in the user computer is much slower than expected. What is a possible cause for the problem?

The NIC duplex settings have somehow been set to half-duplex.*

The NIC wake-on-LAN setting is misconfigured.

Hibernation mode is causing the NIC to shutdown unexpectedly.

The NIC is configured to use both IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time.


2. Two LEDs are usually present on a NIC. What are the two primary uses for these LEDs? (Choose two.)

to indicate the presence of a connection*

to indicate interference from another nearby wireless or electronic device

to indicate that the NIC has connected to a DHCP server

to indicate that the NIC is connected to a homegroup or workgroup

to indicate that data transfer activity is present*


3. What is the purpose of the network profiles that are used to establish a new network connection on a Windows PC?

to configure NIC settings for the fastest network available

to remove the need for IP addresses when connecting to a network

to provide a list of ISPs that may be used for Internet access

to provide an easy way to configure or apply network functions based on the type of network to be joined*


4. A wireless router is displaying the IP address of What could this mean?

The NAT function is not working on the wireless router.

The wireless router still has the factory default IP address.*

Dynamic IP address allocation has been configured on the router and is functioning correctly.

The wireless router has been configured to use the frequencies on channel 1.


5. A technician is configuring the channel on a wireless router to either 1, 6, or 11. What is the purpose of adjusting the channel?

to disable broadcasting of the SSID

to enable different 802.11 standards

to provide stronger security modes

to avoid interference from nearby wireless devices*


6. Which combination of user account and network location profile allows a user to become a member of a homegroup?

an admin account with a network location profile of Work

a guest account with a network location profile of Home

an admin user account with a network location of Public

a standard user account with a network location profile of Home*


7. A business traveler connects to a wireless network with open authentication. What should the traveler do to secure confidential data when connecting to the business services?

Connect with a VPN.*

Change the network location profile to public.

Change the Windows firewall settings.

Manually configure an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.


8. A technician has been asked to configure a broadband connection for a teleworker. The technician has been instructed that all uploads and downloads for the connection must use existing phone lines. Which broadband technology should be used?






9. Which type of connection to the Internet is capable of the fastest transfer rates?







10. Which technology would be recommended for a business that requires workers to access the Internet while visiting customers at many different locations?






11. A small company is considering moving many of its data center functions to the cloud. What are three advantages of this plan? (Choose three.)

The company only needs to pay for the amount of processing and storage capacity that it uses.*

Cloud services are billed at a fixed fee no matter how much processing and storage are used by the company.

Cloud services enable the company to own and administer its own servers and storage devices.

The company can increase processing and storage capacity as needed and then decrease capacity when it is no longer needed.*

Single-tenant data centers can easily grow to accommodate increasing data storage requirements.

As the amount of data that the company uses increases, it becomes impractical for the data to be stored and processed in a single-tenant data center.*


12. Which Cloud computing service would be best for an organization that does not have the technical knowledge to host and maintain applications at their local site?






13. A network client in a corporate environment reboots. Which type of server would most likely be used first?








14. What is a common function of a proxy server?

to store frequently accessed web pages on the internal network*

to control who is permitted to access the internal network

to detect malicious signatures by monitoring traffic that is entering the internal network

to provide access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources


15. ABC Company requires preventive maintenance for all local network cabling once a year. Which task should be included in the preventive maintenance program?

Disconnect and reconnect all patch cables.

Inspect all patch cables for breaks.*

Replace all labeling on the cables.

Replace all cable supports to prevent loose attachment points.


16. What is a benefit of performing preventative maintenance at regular intervals?

reduction in network downtime*

reduction in connectivity

reduction in security threats

reduction in EMI and RFI


17. A user cannot access the network. While the technician is checking the computer, the other users on the same network report that they are having the same problem. Further investigation shows that the LED lights on each NIC are not lit. What should the technician do next?

Check each computer to verify that they all have the same settings.

Report the problem to the network administrator.*

Attempt to ping devices on other networks.

Use nslookup to check network connectivity.


18. A user can print to a printer that is on the same network, but the traffic of the user cannot reach the Internet. What is a possible cause of the problem?

The PC default gateway address is missing or incorrect.*

The PC has an incorrect IP address.

The network cable connected to the user PC is faulty.

The NIC on the PC is faulty.


19. A technician is investigating a report that a computer is unable to access network resources. The technician discovers that the computer has an IP address of What is a logical first step in diagnosing this problem?

Attempt to ping the default gateway.

Check the NIC LED lights.*

Test that DNS is operating correctly.

Activate Network Discovery and File Sharing.


20. A Windows 7 computer is unable to reach a mapped drive on a file server that is on another network within the organization. Further investigation shows that the user is able to use a printer that is connected to the same network as the computer. Which action should the technician perform next?

Verify that DNS name resolution is operating properly.

Inspect the network patch cable for wear or breaks.

Check Network Connection Details in the Windows GUI for the appropriate network connection.*

Check the link LED on the NIC.


21. A user has taken a personal laptop to work. The laptop is unable to discover the name of the office wireless network. What are two potential causes of this problem? (Choose two.)

The wireless router is not broadcasting the SSID.*

The laptop has not received an IP address from the wireless router.

The wireless router is set to mixed mode.

The network does not support the wireless protocol in use by the laptop.*

The laptop must be configured with the office workgroup name.


22. A network technician attempts to ping from a customer computer, but the ping fails. Access to mapped network drives and a shared printer are working correctly. What are two potential causes for this problem? (Choose two.)

The Windows domain or workgroup name that is configured on the computer is incorrect.

The target web server is down.

The computer has been assigned a static IP address.

DNS service is unavailable on the customer network.*

The HTTP protocol is not working properly on the target server.


23. A technician uses the nbtstat -A command. What does the technician expect to view in the command output?

current connections and statistics*

network adapter configuration information

a list of routers within the traffic path

computer accounts and domain specific information


24. Fill in the blank.

What is the acronym for the protocol that is used when securely communicating with a web server?



25. Match the definition to the of cloud.

It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 7 Exam 2018 100%

1. How many devices can a Bluetooth device connect to simultaneously?







2. A device has an IPv6 address of 2001:0DB8:75a3:0214:0607:1234:aa10:ba01 /64. What is the host identifier of the device?






3. Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for logical addressing and routing?


data link





4. When would a printer be considered a network host?

when it is connected to a switch*

when it is connected to a workstation

when it is connected to a laptop

when it is connected to a PC


5. Which device provides wireless connectivity to users as its primary function?



access point*



6. Which technology is most often used to connect devices to a PAN?

coaxial cabling


fiber optic cabling

IEEE 802.11n wireless


7. Which three factors are reasons for a company to choose a client/server model for a network instead of peer-to-peer? (Choose three.)

The network is small with fewer than eight users.

The company network requires secure access to confidential information.*

The users need a central database to store inventory and sales information.*

Each user understands how to safely share files across a network.

The data gathered by the employees is critical and should be backed up on a regular basis.*

All employees passed a strict background check as part of the corporate hiring practices.


8. What is a characteristic of a WAN?

It connects multiple networks that are geographically separated.*

It spans across a campus or city to enable sharing of regional resources.

It is typically owned and managed by a single home or business.

It requires a wireless access point to connect users to the network.


9. Which three layers of the OSI model map to the application layer of the TCP/IP model? (Choose three.)






data link



10. What is the correct order of the layers of the TCP/IP model from the top layer to the bottom?

application, session, network, data link, physical

application, internet, network access, transport

network access, transport, internet, application

application, transport, internet, network access*


11. What TCP/IP model layer is responsible for MAC addressing?

network access*





12. What PDU is associated with the network layer of the OSI model?






13. Which two layers of the OSI model correspond to the functions of the TCP/IP model network access layer? (Choose two.)


data link*





14. What is identified by the 100 in the 100BASE-TX standard?

the maximum bandwidth in Mb/s*

the maximum cable distance in meters

the maximum number of network nodes

the series number of the standard


15. Which two characteristics describe Ethernet technology? (Choose two.)

It is supported by IEEE 802.3 standards.*

It is supported by IEEE 802.5 standards.

It typically uses an average of 16 Mb/s for data transfer rates.

It uses the CSMA/CD access control method.*

It uses a ring topology.


16. Which IEEE standard operates at wireless frequencies in both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz ranges?






17. A customer is considering a multipurpose device to create a home network. Which three devices are usually integrated into a multipurpose network device? (Choose three.)

web server



email server

wireless access point*

print server


18. Which network device makes forwarding decisions based on the destination MAC address that is contained in the frame?






19. Fill in the blank.

A   “router”  uses IP addresses to forward traffic from one network to other networks.


20. A network specialist has been hired to install a network in a company that assembles airplane engines. Because of the nature of the business, the area is highly affected by electromagnetic interference. Which type of network media should be recommended so that the data communication will not be affected by EMI?



fiber optic*



21. Which term describes a type of coaxial cable?




Cat 5e


22. Which pairs of wires change termination order between the 568A and 568B standards?

green and orange*

green and brown

blue and brown

brown and orange


23. Which two types of signal interference are reduced more by STP than by UTP? (Choose two.)


white noise





24. How many host addresses are available on a network with a subnet mask of






25. A technician is troubleshooting a problem where the user claims access to the Internet is not working, but there was access to the Internet the day before. Upon investigation, the technician determines that the user cannot access the network printer in the office either. The network printer is on the same network as the computer. The computer has assigned as an IP address. What is the most likely problem?

The computer cannot communicate with a DHCP server.*

The IP default gateway on the computer is incorrect.

The network interface card driver needs to be updated.

The router that connects this network to other networks is down.


26. What is a characteristic of the UDP protocol?

low overhead*

guaranteed delivery

error correction

end-to-end establishment before delivery

It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 6 Exam 2018

1. What would be a reason for a computer user to use the Task Manager Performance tab?

to increase the performance of the CPU

to view the processes that are running and end a process if needed

to view the services that are currently running on the PC

to check the CPU usage of the PC*


2. Which feature in Windows 7 and 8 allows a user to temporarily view the desktop that is behind open windows by moving the mouse over the right edge of the taskbar?





jump lists

thumbnail previews


3. What is the minimum amount of RAM and hard drive space required to install 64-bit Windows 8 on a PC?

1 GB RAM and 10 GB hard disk space

1 GB RAM and 16 GB hard disk space

2 GB RAM and 16 GB hard disk space

2 GB RAM and 20 GB hard disk space*

4 GB RAM and 16 GB hard disk space

4 GB RAM and 20 GB hard disk space


4. After upgrading a computer to Windows 7, a user notices that the UAC (User Account Control) panel appears more frequently. How can the user reduce the frequency with which the UAC appears?

Reinstall all user programs in Compatibility Mode.

Replace the graphics card with one that meets the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7.

Lower the UAC setting in the Change User Account Control settings dialog box of the User Accounts control panel.*

In the Performance Options dialog box of the Performance Information and Tools control panel, choose Adjust for Best Performance.


5. Which Windows utility allows Windows 7 and 8 users to quickly and easily share files and folders?


Action Center


Device Manager


6. Which Windows administrative tool displays the usage of a number of computer resources simultaneously and can help a technician decide if an upgrade is needed?


Event Viewer

Component Services

Performance Monitor*


7. Which type of startup must be selected for a service that should run each time the computer is booted?







8. Which Windows tool allows an administrator to organize computer management tools in one location for convenient use?

Task Scheduler

Services console

Performance Monitor console

Microsoft Management console*


9. To which category of hypervisor does the Microsoft Virtual PC belong?

Type 1

Type 2*

Type 3

Type 4


10. What are two advantages of using PC virtualization? (Choose two.)

It protects the host machine from viruses attacks.

It allows multiple operating systems to run on a single PC simultaneously.*

It boosts the performance of the host machine through virtualization.

It can provide cost savings.*

It allows network threat identification.


11. A college uses virtualization technology to deploy information security courses. Some of the lab exercises involve studying the characteristics of computer viruses and worms. What is an advantage of conducting the lab exercises inside the virtualized environment as opposed to using actual PCs?

The lab exercises are performed faster inside of the virtualized environment.

The virtualization environment has better tools to develop mitigation solutions.

Virus and worm attacks are more easily controlled in a virtualized environment, thus helping to protect the college network and its devices from attack.*

The viruses and worms will have limited functionality inside the virtualized environment.


12. A software engineer is involved in the development of an application. For usability tests, the engineer needs to make sure that the application will work in both Windows 7 and Windows 8 environments. The features and functions must be verified in the actual OS environment. The engineer is using a Windows 7 workstation. What two technologies can help the engineer achieve the usability tests? (Choose two.)

dual boot*

two separate CPUs

storage redundancy

client-side virtualization*

two separate hard disks


13. A technician needs to use an application that is not supported by Windows operating systems on the PC. How can the technician make this application run on the PC?

Use the Windows Compatibility mode.

Install the application with elevated permissions as administrator.

Create a virtual machine with an operating system that supports the application.*

Install the application in safe mode.


14. What preventive maintenance action should be taken to help improve system security?

Automate any antivirus scanners.*

Defragment the hard drive.

Perform backups regularly.

Error check the hard drive.


15. Which Windows 7 feature would an administrator use to configure a computer to delete temporary files from the hard drive at 3:00 AM each day?

Disk Cleanup

Task Scheduler*

Device Manager

Computer Management


16. Which command is used from the Windows command prompt to schedule a program to run at a specific time?






17. When troubleshooting a printer problem, a technician finds that the operating system was automatically updated with a corrupt device driver. Which solution would resolve this issue?

Roll back the driver.*

Restart both the computer and the printer.

Scan the downloaded driver file with a virus scanner.

Upload the correct driver to the printer.


18. Which two Windows utilities can be used to help maintain hard disks on computers that have had long periods of normal use? (Choose two.)

Disk Cleanup*

Disk Maintenance

Disk Defragmenter*

Disk Partition

Disk Format


19. What is a common step that a technician can take to determine the cause of an operating system problem?

Boot into Safe Mode to determine if the problem is driver related.*

Test the power supply.

Document the time spent to resolve the problem.

Check the fan connections and ensure the fan is working properly.


20. Which question is an open ended question that could be used when helping a customer troubleshoot a Windows problem?

Can you boot the operating system?

Have you changed your password recently?

Do you get a login prompt when the computer boots?

What programs have you installed recently?*


21. A user reports that logging into the workstation fails after a display driver has been updated. The user insists that the password is typed in correctly. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

The password has changed.

The Caps Lock key is set to on.*

A display driver update failed.

The display setting has changed after a driver update.


22. A user reports that a video editing program does not work properly after a sound mixing program is installed. The technician suspects that a compatibility issue might be the cause of the problem. What should the technician do to verify this theory?”

Update Windows OS.

Update the video editing software.

Uninstall the sound mixing software.*

Check if an update of the sound mixing software is available.

23. A user reports to a technician that his computer freezes without any error messages. What are two probable causes? (Choose two.)

An update has corrupted the operating system.*

A process is not using enough system resources.

The power supply is failing.*

The MBR is corrupted.

The boot order is not set correctly in BIOS.

24. A technician is trying to fix a Windows 7 computer that displays an “Invalid Boot Disk” error after POST. What is a possible cause of the error?

The boot.ini file is corrupt.

The ntldr.exe file is corrupt.

The file is corrupt.

The boot order is not set correctly in the BIOS.*

It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 5 Exam 2018 full

1. What happens to runt frames received by a Cisco Ethernet switch?

The frame is dropped.*

The frame is returned to the originating network device.

The frame is broadcast to all other devices on the same network.

The frame is sent to the default gateway.


2. What are the two sizes (minimum and maximum) of an Ethernet frame? (Choose two.)

56 bytes

64 bytes*

128 bytes

1024 bytes

1518 bytes*


3. What statement describes Ethernet?

It defines the most common LAN type in the world.*

It is the required Layer 1 and 2 standard for Internet communication.

It defines a standard model used to describe how networking works.

It connects multiple sites such as routers located in different countries.


4. Which two statements describe features or functions of the logical link control sublayer in Ethernet standards? (Choose two.)

Logical link control is implemented in software.*

Logical link control is specified in the IEEE 802.3 standard.

The LLC sublayer adds a header and a trailer to the data.

The data link layer uses LLC to communicate with the upper layers of the protocol suite.*

The LLC sublayer is responsible for the placement and retrieval of frames on and off the media.


5. What statement describes a characteristic of MAC addresses?

They must be globally unique.*

They are only routable within the private network.

They are added as part of a Layer 3 PDU.

They have a 32-bit binary value.


6. Which statement is true about MAC addresses?

MAC addresses are implemented by software.

A NIC only needs a MAC address if connected to a WAN.

The first three bytes are used by the vendor assigned OUI.*

The ISO is responsible for MAC addresses regulations.


7. Which destination address is used in an ARP request frame?




8. What addressing information is recorded by a switch to build its MAC address table?

the destination Layer 3 address of incoming packets

the destination Layer 2 address of outgoing frames

the source Layer 3 address of outgoing packets

the source Layer 2 address of incoming frames*


9. Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows a small switched network and the contents of the MAC address table of the switch. PC1 has sent a frame addressed to PC3. What will the switch do with the frame?

The switch will discard the frame.

The switch will forward the frame only to port 2.

The switch will forward the frame to all ports except port 4.*

The switch will forward the frame to all ports.

The switch will forward the frame only to ports 1 and 3.


10. Which switching method uses the CRC value in a frame?






11. What is auto-MDIX?

a type of Cisco switch

an Ethernet connector type

a type of port on a Cisco switch

a feature that detects Ethernet cable type*


12. True or False?

When a device is sending data to another device on a remote network, the Ethernet frame is sent to the MAC address of the default gateway.




13. The ARP table in a switch maps which two types of address together?

Layer 3 address to a Layer 2 address*

Layer 3 address to a Layer 4 address

Layer 4 address to a Layer 2 address

Layer 2 address to a Layer 4 address


14. Refer to the exhibit. PC1 issues an ARP request because it needs to send a packet to PC2. In this scenario, what will happen next?

PC2 will send an ARP reply with its MAC address.*

RT1 will send an ARP reply with its Fa0/0 MAC address.

RT1 will send an ARP reply with the PC2 MAC address.

SW1 will send an ARP reply with the PC2 MAC address.

SW1 will send an ARP reply with its Fa0/1 MAC address.


15. Refer to the exhibit. A switch with a default configuration connects four hosts. The ARP table for host A is shown. What happens when host A wants to send an IP packet to host D?


Host A sends an ARP request to the MAC address of host D.

Host D sends an ARP request to host A.

Host A sends out the packet to the switch. The switch sends the packet only to the host D, which in turn responds.

Host A sends out a broadcast of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF. Every other host connected to the switch receives the broadcast and host D responds with its MAC address.*


16. Refer to the exhibit. The switches are in their default configuration. Host A needs to communicate with host D, but host A does not have the MAC address for its default gateway. Which network hosts will receive the ARP request sent by host A?


only host D

only router R1

only hosts A, B, and C

only hosts A, B, C, and D

only hosts B and C

only hosts B, C, and router R1*


17. Which statement describes the treatment of ARP requests on the local link?

They must be forwarded by all routers on the local network.

They are received and processed by every device on the local network.*

They are dropped by all switches on the local network.

They are received and processed only by the target device.


18. What are two potential network problems that can result from ARP operation? (Choose two.)

Manually configuring static ARP associations could facilitate ARP poisoning or MAC address spoofing.

On large networks with low bandwidth, multiple ARP broadcasts could cause data communication delays.*

Network attackers could manipulate MAC address and IP address mappings in ARP messages with the intent of intercepting network traffic.*

Large numbers of ARP request broadcasts could cause the host MAC address table to overflow and prevent the host from communicating on the network.

Multiple ARP replies result in the switch MAC address table containing entries that match the MAC addresses of hosts that are connected to the relevant switch port.


19. Fill in the blank.
A collision fragment, also known as a “RUNT” frame, is a frame of fewer than 64 bytes in length.


20. Fill in the blank.

On a Cisco switch, “port-based” memory buffering is used to buffer frames in queues linked to specific incoming and outgoing ports.


21. Fill in the blank.
ARP spoofing” is a technique that is used to send fake ARP messages to other hosts in the LAN. The aim is to associate IP addresses to the wrong MAC addresses.

22. Match the characteristic to the forwarding method. (Not all options are used.)

Sort elements
cut-through (A) -> low latency (A)
cut-through (B) -> may forward runt frames (B)
cut-through (C) -> begins forwarding when the destination address is received (C)
store-and-forward (D) -> always stores the entire frame (D)
store-and-forward (E) -> checks the CRC before forwarding (E)
store-and-forward (F) -> checks the frame length before forwarding (F)

It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 4 Exam 2018

1. Which negative environmental factor does cleaning the inside of a computer reduce?






2. Which component can be easily damaged by the direct spray of compressed air when cleaning the inside the computer case?


heat sink

power supply


cable connectors


3. On the production floor, a furniture plant has laptops for process monitoring and reporting. The production floor environment is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). The humidity level is fairly high around 70 percent. Fans are mounted in the ceiling for air circulation. Wood dust is prevalent. Which condition is most likely to adversely affect a laptop that is used in this environment?

the temperature

the humidity

the air flow

the dust*


4. A vegetable canning plant uses laptops for monitoring of assembly lines. The production environment has an ambient temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius). The humidity level is around 30 percent. Noise levels are high due to the canning machinery. The laptops are in a wooden box that tightly surrounds the laptop on three sides. Which factor is most likely to adversely affect a laptop that is used in this environment?

the room temperature

the humidity

the noise

the laptop container*


5. A scientific expedition team is using laptops for their work. The temperatures where the scientists are working range from -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degree Celsius) to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius). The humidity level is around 40 percent. Noise levels are low, but the terrain is rough and winds can reach 45 miles per hour (72 kilometers per hour). When needed, the scientists stop walking and enter the data using the laptop. Which condition is most likely to adversely affect a laptop that is used in this environment?

the temperature*

the humidity

the rough terrain

the wind


6. What is part of creating a preventive maintenance plan?

documenting the details and frequency of each maintenance task*

performing hardware upgrades

discarding all replaced parts

performing a forensic audit of security breaches


7. A technician is performing hardware maintenance of PCs at a construction site. What task should the technician perform as part of a preventive maintenance plan?

Remove dust from intake fans.*

Back up the data, reformat the hard drive, and reinstall the data.

Develop and install forensic tracking software.

Perform an audit of all software that is installed.

8. Which task should be part of a hardware maintenance routine?

Review security updates.

Update virus definition files.

Adjust the monitor for optimum resolution.

Remove dust from inside the hard drive.

Check for and secure any loose cables.*


9. During the process of testing a theory of several probable causes to a problem, which should be tested first?

the easiest and most obvious*

those the customer believes to be the most important

the most complex and difficult to diagnose

those chosen by random selection


10. Which two items could be used to help establish a plan of action when resolving a computer problem? (Choose two.)

a multimeter

a loopback plug

the computer manual*

the computer repair history log*

BIOS diagnostics


11. Which two types of data should be backed up before troubleshooting a computer for a customer? (Choose two.)

BIOS system file

driver files for the hard disk

Internet Explorer favorites files*

Windows operating system files

documents that are created by the customer*


12. A customer reports that recently several files cannot be accessed. The service technician decides to check the hard disk status and the file system structure. The technician asks the customer if a backup has been performed on the disk and the customer replies that the backup was done a week ago to a different logical partition on the disk. What should the technician do before performing diagnostic procedures on the disk?

Run the CHKDSK utility.

Back up the user data to a removable drive.*

Perform file restore from the existing backup copy at the logical partition.

Install a new hard disk as the primary disk, then make the current disk a slave.


13. What is the next step after a possible solution is implemented during a troubleshooting process?

Test another possible solution.

Identify other possible causes for the problem.

Document the cause and the solution for the problem.

Verify the full system functionality and apply maintenance procedures.*


14. An employee reports that the antivirus software cannot obtain updates. The support technician notices that the license for the software has expired. The technician adds a new license to the software and completes the update service. What should the technician do next?

Record the new license number in the log.

Download advanced antivirus software from another vendor.

Run a full virus scan on the computer.*

Review the Event Viewer for the date and time that the last software update was performed.


15. What task should be completed before escalating a problem to a higher-level technician?

Document each test that was tried.*

Ask the customer to open a new support request.

Redo each test to ensure the accuracy of the results.

Replace all hardware components with components that are known to work.


16. Which step of the six-step troubleshooting process is where a technician would ask the computer user to print a document on a newly installed printer?

Test the theory to determine the cause.

Identify the problem.

Establish a theory of probable cause.

Document findings, actions, and outcomes.

Establish a plan of action to resolve the problem and implement the solution.

Verify full system functionality and, if applicable, implement preventive measures.*


17. After a technician tests a theory of probable causes, what two actions should the technician take if the testing did not identify an exact cause? (Choose two.)

Establish a new theory of probable causes.*

Randomly replace components one at a time until the problem is solved.

Document each test tried that did not correct the problem.*

Verify full system functionality.

Test all remaining possible causes starting with the most complex.


18. What is the preferred method to remove a disc from an optical drive that fails to eject the disc?

Insert a pin into the small hole on the front of the drive.*

Use a small screwdriver and pry the drive door open.

Remove the top of the drive enclosure.

Send the drive to an authorized repair depot.


19. A technician is called to an office where the computer is randomly rebooting. Which of the given components would most likely cause this issue?


CMOS battery

optical drive

power supply*


20. What would happen if a PC that contains a power supply that does not automatically adjust for input voltage is set to 230 volts and attaches to an outlet in the United States?

The power supply would explode.

The PC would not turn on.*

The PC would display an error code.

The PC would emit a series of beeps.


21. During the troubleshooting of a PC that will not boot, it is suspected that the problem is with the RAM modules. The RAM modules are removed and put into another PC, which successfully powers on. The RAM modules are then put back into the original PC and it now successfully powers on as well. What was the most likely cause of the problem?

The RAM modules have bad blocks.

The RAM modules were not seated firmly.*

The RAM modules did not match the PC specs.

The RAM modules were inserted backwards into the DIMM slots.


22. After a new PCIe video card is added, the computer seems to boot successfully but it will not display any video. The computer was working properly before the new video card was installed. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

The monitor cable is faulty.

The new video card is not compatible with the CPU in the PC.

The saved CMOS settings are set to use the built-in video adapter.*

The PC does not have enough RAM to support the new video card.


23. A user has opened a ticket that indicates that the computer clock keeps losing the correct time. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

The motherboard clocking crystal is damaged.

The operating system needs to be patched.

The CMOS battery is loose or failing.*

The CPU needs to be overclocked.


24. An employee reports that each time a workstation is started it locks up after about 5 minutes of use. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

The hard disk is failing.

The RAM is malfunctioning.

The CPU is overheating.*

The power supply fails to provide adequate voltage and current.


25. A user reports that images on a computer display are distorted. The technician sends an intern to look at the problem. What could the technician tell the intern to check first that does not involve hardware replacement or disassembly?

LCD backlight adjustment

display settings*

work desk stability

electrical interference

26. A user has connected an external monitor to a laptop VGA port. What is the next step the user should take?

Disable the current display being used by the laptop.

Access the BIOS and enable the VGA port on the laptop.

Reboot the system so that the currently connected external display can be recognized by the laptop.

Use a Fn key along with a multi-purpose key to send video to the external display.*

It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 3 Exam 2018

1. When a computer is being assembled, which action can be taken to help eliminate cable clutter within a computer case?

Install a CPU without using a heat sink and fan assembly.

Install a 2.5in HDD instead of a 3.5in HDD.

Install a modular power supply.*

Install a motherboard without using standoffs in the case.


2. What is the best way to apply thermal compound when reseating a CPU?

Clean the CPU and the base of the heat sink with isopropyl alcohol before applying the thermal compound.*

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the base of the heat sink before applying thermal compound.

Scrape off the old thermal compound on the heat sink with a sharp knife and apply the thermal compound liberally.

Put a thick layer of thermal compound over the existing thermal compound before reseating the CPU.

Change the base of the heat sink before applying the thermal compound.


3. A technician is installing additional memory in a computer. How can the technician guarantee that the memory is correctly aligned?

The label on the memory module should always face the CPU.

A notch in the memory module should be aligned with a notch in the memory slot.*

The arrows on the memory module should be aligned with the arrows on the motherboard slot.

Memory slots are color coded, with one end red and one end blue.


4. What is used to prevent the motherboard from touching metal portions of the computer case?

an I/O shield

thermal compound


ZIF sockets


5. Which statement describes the purpose of an I/O connector plate?

It makes the I/O ports of the motherboard available for connection in a variety of computer cases.*

It plugs into the motherboard and expands the number of available slots for adapter cards.

It provides multiple connections for SATA hard drives to connect to the motherboard.

It connects the PCIe adapter slots used for video directly to the CPU for faster processing.


6. What are three important considerations when installing a CPU on a motherboard? (Choose three.)

Antistatic precautions are taken.*

The CPU is correctly aligned and placed in the socket.*

The CPU contacts are first cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

The CPU heat sink and fan assembly are correctly installed.*

The CMOS EPROM battery is removed prior to installing the CPU.

Maximum insertion force is applied to the load lever so the CPU is locked in place.


7. Which type of drive is typically installed in a 5.25 inch (13.34 cm) bay?

hard drive

optical drive*

flash drive



8. Which type of motherboard expansion slot has four types ranging from x1 to x16 with each type having a different length of expansion slot?






9. A technician is installing a new high-end video adapter card into an expansion slot on a motherboard. What may be needed to operate this video adapter card?

PCI expansion slot

PCIe x 8 expansion slot

Two 8-pin power connectors*

24-pin ATX power connector

10. When assembling a PC, how is pin 1 identified on the front panel cables so that it can be aligned properly with pin 1 on the motherboard panel connector?

by a small arrow or notch*

by a plus sign

by a P1

by a red cable


11. A technician has just finished assembling a new computer. When the computer is powered up for the first time, the POST discovers a problem. How does the POST indicate the error?

It issues a number of short beeps.*

The LED on the front of the computer case flashes a number of times.

It places an error message in the BIOS.

It locks the keyboard.


12. What is a function of the BIOS?

enables a computer to connect to a network

provides temporary data storage for the CPU

performs a check on all internal components*

provides graphic capabilities for games and applications


13. A technician has assembled a new computer and must now configure the BIOS. At which point must a key be pressed to start the BIOS setup program?

before the computer is powered on

during the Windows load process

during the POST*

after the POST, but before Windows starts to load


14. What data is stored in the CMOS memory chip?

BIOS settings*

Windows configuration settings

user login information

device drivers


15. What is the purpose of LoJack?

It allows the owner of a device to remotely locate, lock, or delete all files from the device.*

It ensures that a computer will only boot an operating system that is trusted by the motherboard manufacturer.

It provides passwords for different levels of access to the BIOS.

It encrypts data on hard drives to prevent access without the correct password.


16. Which is a BIOS security feature that can prevent data from being read from a hard drive even if the hard drive is moved to another computer?

drive encryption*


secure boot

BIOS passwords


17. What is one purpose of adjusting the clock speed within the BIOS configuration settings?

to allow a computer to run multiple operating systems in files or partitions

to change the order of the bootable partitions

to disable devices that are not needed or used by the computer

to allow the computer to run slower and cooler*


18. A technician is assembling a new computer. Which two components are often easier to install before mounting the motherboard in the case? (Choose two.)




sound card

video card


19. Which two components are commonly replaced when a computer system with a newer motherboard is being upgraded? (Choose two.)


hard disk drive


optical drive

CMOS battery

adapter card


20. A user reports that every morning when a particular computer is turned on, the configuration settings on that computer have to be reset. What action should be taken to remedy this situation?

Replace the motherboard.

Replace the CMOS battery.*

Move the jumpers,

Upgrade the BIOS.


21. What are two reasons for installing a second hard disk drive inside an existing computer? (Choose two.)

to support a RAID array*

to store BIOS configuration settings

to store the system swap file*

to increase CPU speed

to allow access to a secondary display output


22. When should a technician use unsigned drivers for newly installed computer hardware?

if the unsigned driver is the most current driver available

if the original installation media is not available

if the source of the drivers is trusted by the technician*

if the Windows installation media does not contain a valid signed driver


23. What computer component is often required to allow a single computer to use two monitors simultaneously?

an extra power supply

a second video adapter card*

an extra USB connection

a KVM switch


24. A technician notices that half of the memory slots on a motherboard are colored differently from the other half. Which technology is probably implemented on this system?



dual channeling*


It-essentials v6.0 Chapter 2 Exam 2018 full

1. A new technician has joined the IT team and is about to service a heavy printer. What advice would you give this technician to avoid any injury when transporting the heavy printer to the service area?

Bend your knees to use the strength in your legs to lift the printer.*

Avoid bending your knees when lifting the printer.

Bend your back to pick the printer up.

Use your arms and back to lift the printer.


2. How does an inline UPS protect computer equipment against electrical power brownouts and blackouts?

by grounding excess electrical voltage

by using a battery to supply a constant level of voltage*

by switching from main power to a standby power source

by stopping the flow of voltage to the computer



3. Which circumstance increases the likelihood of ESD damage to a computer?

working in low levels of humidity*

using a magnetic screwdriver while working on a hard drive

plugging a printer into an UPS

self grounding against the computer case


4. Which condition refers to a reduced voltage level of AC power that lasts for an extended period of time?






5. What are two significant sources of EMI? (Choose two.)

infrared mice

RAM modules

electrical storms*

LCD monitors

power lines*


6. A technician is unpacking a new PCIe video adapter from an antistatic bag to install the card in a desktop computer. Which two measures should the technician use to protect the card and other computer components? (Choose two.)

Use a grounded mat on the workbench.*

Use a correctly connected antistatic wrist strap.*

Shield the card and computer from sources of EMI.

Ensure that the workplace has a low humidity environment.

Connect the computer to a UPS while installing the card.


7. How should a technician dispose of an empty inkjet printer cartridge?

Refill it.

Throw it away.

Follow local regulations for disposal.*

Give it back to the customer.


8. What makes CRT monitor disposal dangerous for a technician who is handling the disposal?

potential breathing hazards

potential explosive materials

potential residual high voltage*

potential health-damaging chemicals


9. A technician is troubleshooting connectivity issues to a PC and needs to verify which cable is plugged into the correct port of the patch panel. What tool should the technician use?


toner probe*

punch down



10. Which tool is designed to loosen or tighten crosshead screws?

phillips screwdriver*

hex driver

flat head screwdriver

torx driver


11. What tool would a technician use to remove a slotted screw?

flat head screwdriver*

hex driver

needle-nosed pliers

Phillips head screwdriver

Torx screwdriver


12. Which tool in Windows OS gives a technician access to initialize disks and create partitions?

Optimize Drives

Disk Cleanup

Disk Management*




13. Which Windows OS tool scans the critical files of the operating system and replaces any files that have been corrupted?



Disk Cleanup

Disk Management

Scan System

System File Checker*


14. Which tool should be used if a user needs to optimize space on a hard drive?

Optimize Drives*

Disk Management




15. Why is documentation of all services and repairs an important organizational tool for a technician?

It increases the cost of services and repairs.

It allows the public sharing of information on the Internet.

It reduces the technical skills required of new technicians.

It provides reference material for similar problems when they are encountered in the future.*


16. Which tool could potentially cause data loss on hard disk or floppy drives?

a magnetic screwdriver*

compressed air

a lead pencil

a computer vacuum cleaner


17. Why should an antistatic wrist strap be worn when working on electronic equipment?

to prevent interference from clothing and loose jewelry

to equalize the electrical charge between a person and the equipment*

to prevent clothing made of silk, polyester, or wool from generating a static charge

to draw static electricity away from a component and transfer it safely from equipment to a grounding point


18. Which precaution should be taken when working inside computer systems?

Avoid using magnetized tools.*

Leave the power cord attached to an outlet for grounding.

Wear ESD protection to repair monitors in humid environments.

Avoid using ESD wrist straps and ESD mats simultaneously.


19. Which cleaning solution is recommended to clean the contacts of computer components?

rubbing alcohol

isopropyl alcohol*

glass cleaner with ammonia

water that is mixed with a small amount of dishwashing liquid


20. Why should a pencil never be used as a tool when working inside a computer?

Pencil lead is corrosive.

Pencil lead is conductive.*

A pencil can hold a static charge.

The lead in a pencil can induce current.


21. A technician suspects that a power supply is faulty. How can it be checked?

by checking the temperature of the power supply

by using a multimeter*

by taking apart the power supply

by powering up the PC after disconnecting each connector in turn

22. Match the steps of fire extinguisher operation to the order in which they should be completed. (Not all options are used.)

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